China Dolls

Did you ever notice those beautiful china dolls in antique shops? The detail is so incredible and the colors are so realistic. The glossy exterior makes the dolls so wonderful to look at. Some people look like those china dolls. They wear such beautiful clothes that make them look so attractive. Their hair and face look so perfect that there is not a mark to see and no hair is out of place. They drive beautiful cars and live in beautiful houses and you envy them. You think to yourself that they have such a wonderful and perfect life. They travel to beautiful places and they eat at wonderful restaurants. But do they really live perfect lives? Is everything on the inside as beautiful as on the outside? If you take a hammer and smash a china doll, you will notice that there is nothing inside the china doll. It is empty on the inside. Many people in this world are like this. They may look great on the outside but on the inside, it is empty.

God doesn’t want people to be china dolls. He wants people to store up treasures in heaven and not treasures on earth. Houses, cars, trips, and even life itself on this earth is temporary. God and heaven are what is real. Building character is what is real. Learn to be patient. Show kindness to people that is unkind to you. Feed and clothe the homeless in order to be humble. These are the things that God really wants in your life and the Bible is a life instruction manual. I think Christ became human because He wanted to show people to be all they can be. Always help the poor and show kindness, care, and love to all people.

But how do we do this? Sometimes we are so wrapped up in this world that we are drowning. Sometimes we don’t care anymore. The thing about this is that we have to live for God and not people. We have to make decision in line with God and not solely rely on other people to make decisions for us. We have to stand up in the crowd when nobody else is standing. God will always be there for us no matter what situation we are in. Have to trust God. Have to have faith in God. Need to look for opportunities to feed and clothe the poor. Help a brother or sister in need when you see them hurting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to further the kingdom of Heaven.

At the end of days, we will stand in front of God for judgment. He is going to take that hammer and smash that china doll exterior we have. Once all the pieces are cleared, He will see Jesus in our inside and it will be wonderful. Christ is in our insides. Holy Spirit is in our insides. They are roaring like a lion. It all depends if we hear that roar and act upon it.

In Christ,


P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the movie “God’s Not Dead”, I encourage you to do so. It is an inspiring and awesome movie.

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