Cheers to a New You

As the ball drops and the countdown is in progress, people gather, freezing and excited, in the middle of NYC. They think to themselves what New Year resolutions I should decide for myself this year. As auld lang syne is playing in the background, people are saying I could lose a few pounds this year. Maybe 10 pounds will do the trick. I can make it happen. It is not a big goal and I can get it done. I can spend a little less this year. Maybe save $100 will be good. It is not a big goal and I can get it done. I know there is so much temptation in buying the newest music, most modern electronics, and coolest video games. But $100 is not so bad. I can spend more time in being constructive like learning new skills. Maybe a couple of hours a week in learning a musical instrument or play a new sport is good. It is not that much to spend and I think I can get it done. These are just some of the resolutions people have on their mind and the funny part is that in a month or two, these thoughts are chucked out the window. I agree with people who don’t make New Year resolutions because they won’t be accomplished.

It all seems very self-centered in my opinion. How can I do this for me? How can this benefit me? You know what would be great resolutions. How can I help my church? I give offering but how can I increase that? Are there other charities that I can give to that the church is interested in? How about my time? I can join a mission trip with them to help out people. I can volunteer to help out on things the church is interested in like cleaning up the neighborhood, helping with soup kitchen, and mentoring kids. How about helping my neighbors? I see that they are moving a sofa into the house and I join in to help them move it in. I see their garbage can has tipped over. I put it back in place. I help neighbors with shoveling the snow. How about my community? There are always people in need. There will always be poor and needy amongst you. I can volunteer at a food bank to help the hungry. I can volunteer teaching kids to be better people in the future. I think these would be wonderful resolutions that people can attempt and accomplish in a lifetime not just the beginning of a new year.

New Year’s is not only a celebration of a new year but a celebration of life. We remember what we did and experienced in the past year and we look forward to what we do in the coming year. Is there a new you? Basically personally we are the same. Can there be a new you? Absolutely, a new you is not about us but how we affect others to make this world not only a better place but a world of people with great hearts. It was like that with the First Church and it can be like that again. People caring for other people just for the sake of caring, is wonderful. People feeding other people just for the sake of feeding, is wonderful. People clothing other people for the sake of clothing, is wonderful. This concept of a new you can lead into the great concept of a new world.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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1. wrote:
Stan- I loved your devo this week- you are so right. mo

Thu, January 9, 2014 @ 6:13 PM

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