Changing our Behavior

Thank you, Vikki, for leading Women’s Bible Study on Monday.  What a blessing!   Feel free to join -- Mondays at noon. 

We read:  Matthew 21: 12 Jesus went into the temple and chased out everyone who was selling or buying. He turned over the tables of the moneychangers and the benches of the ones who were selling doves... Contemporary English Version. 

Several of our lovely women mentioned the significance of Jesus getting “angry”.  He didn’t just tell a parable and wait for everyone to ponder and digest his opinion on the matter.  He made a ruckus and was violent overturning tables.  

What did it take to get their attention and change their behavior?  What does it take to get our attention?  Do we yell at our children in anger, because we feel discussing calmly isn’t getting their attention or changing their behavior?  

Is Covid big enough to get my/your attention?  Is it something big like Jesus’ overturning tables and causing a big commotion?  Is it something new?  A New Normal, perhaps? The big question is:  How are we changing our behavior?  Okay, we are social distancing and we hope this will go back to normal.  –And the bigger question:  What are we changing spiritually?  --And what will we do to continue this change when we go back to normal.

Could our changes be: stop cheating our neighbors, stop gossiping, stop speeding, start Bible study, start loving our neighbors, start providing for those who are in need, start obeying traffic laws, start taking time for God each day.  What does God want us to change?

Dear God, thank you for the BIG (and somewhat angry) reminders that we are not perfect and need to improve.  Help us to change our behaviors in the way you want each of us to do.  Help us to quickly learn what that change should be.  Help us to happily change.  Help us to continue this change for as long as you desire.  Thank you that you are with us each and every day. Please be with us as we reach out to each other in both the good times and bad. May we be reminded through our struggles and joys that we are not alone. We can do all things through You!! In your name we pray. Amen. 

Jill Maclay

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