Chain Reaction

I picked up my new custom-made orthotics yesterday - perfectly molded to my feet to give me the best balance and support.  Ahhhhhhhh.  They felt a little awkward at first but in just a short amount of time I am encouraged that I'm going to feel a real difference.   It will take some time to get everything in alignment but this little change will start a chain reaction - starting with the feet, then moving up to to ankles, knees, hips, back and all the way to to the neck and jaw.  Now what if I applied this same process with my relationship with Jesus and how I live my life?

Do I make time each day to be in the word and in prayer?  Take time to strengthen my relationships with my family?  Be more loving and giving?  Take time to listen?  Make new friends?  Keep my priorities straight?  Not always on all counts. Yep....out of whack.

The podiatrist told me that I need to work up to wearing the orthotics over the next few weeks.  An hour yesterday, two hours today, three tomorrow, etc.  Correcting an imbalance doesn't happen overnight.  Same with life. 

So there's a lesson here for me and maybe for you also.  Take a little time today, more tomorrow, even more the next until you are in fully engaged 24/7 with God - you can't have any better foundation that will start a chain reaction in your life.   

Aligning with God,

Nancy Nickoley

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