Can I Do It Alone?

It was a very cool afternoon at Sloan Lake. People all around. Beautiful colored boats. So much festivity. It was Dragon Boat festival a few weeks ago. I see the teams rowing together trying to go faster and faster. There was so much cheering and teamwork was the key to this race. Each rower had to be in sync with other rowers. If not, that would cost time and straight direction.

Then I asked myself. Could I row the boat by myself? With one oar, row this massive boat straight and in record time. Most certainly not… but some people in life think so. They are going through life on their own strength and of their own will. They don’t need anybody else. They have the ‘I can do it all by myself” attitude.

I think in heaven there is no ‘do it myself’ attitude. Everybody works together and everybody is concerned about each other. When one is in need, others help to satisfy that need just like in the old testament, when someone was in need, people gather to help out that person. I do wish I could see more of that these days. People are so busy running around, listening to ipods, doing their own thing, and surfing the internet. I think little league baseball suffers, church activities suffer, and sometimes family outings suffer.

The thing about getting people together is that it seems to uplift people’s spirits and it is just plain more fun. I think back then it was like that and it should be like that now. People really do need people. People really do need God. It binds us. It holds us. It brings us up when we are down. It restores our spirit. Teamwork is not only the key to the Dragon Boat race, but it is the key to the human race.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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