“Paint me green and call me Gumby!!!” Ever feel this way? Ever feel like you are being pulled or stretched in

multiple directions all at the same time? Most days multitasking may not seem to be a difficult thing … it’s just seems to be a way of life. There are some days however, where it just becomes too much … and when this happens, sometimes the negative side seems to be what the focus becomes.

One day last week, things were pretty hectic at work … we were all juggling quite a bit … and then we received a random fax from a fellow colleague and friend in another department. It read “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more stressful. Just because you’re given a cactus doesn’t mean you need to sit on it.”

Wow!! What an interesting thought. It made me stop and think … where was my focus? How could I think differently? Was I juggling more than I needed too … was I making it more stressful?

 Do you sit on cactuses? They really aren’t all that comfortable. Our friend had no idea what was happening in our area at the time, but her gift of the cactus is something that we now remind each other of when we are starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed, stressed or cranky. Just a word, “cactus”, can realign our thought process resulting in a change in actions. How powerful just a word can be. Amazing!!

The next time things in your world are a bit crazy and you feel like you are being stretched, I challenge you to find the beauty in the cactus. Know that God is with you and that the positive outweighs any negative.

Dear God, thank you for the cactuses in our lives. May we be reminded to place our focus on what is good and what is positive in the situations we are faced with. Please help us to remember that we are stretched in the directions we are meant to stretch and we are where we are supposed to be. In your name we pray. Amen.

April Schauer

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