By Faith Alone

Dear Reformed,
Martin Luther the 16th century reformer was the firestarter of the Protestant reformation. On October 31st, 1517, he posted the 95 theses on the cathedral door at Wittenberg. He rejected the authority of the pope and church councils to determine the actions and beliefs by which a person could be saved. Luther believed that we were justified by faith, not seven sacraments declared necessary by the church. He believed that none of us needed a priest or a pope to pray to God for us, but that each of us had direct access to God. Luther translated the Bible into the language of the people so that for the first time they could read it themselves. Luther’s words, “Here I  stand, I can do no other,” echo through the centuries as a call of conscience to each of us.
The bad news is that just as the Roman Church predicted, Christianity split into an endless array of warring sects and arguing denominations. The good news is that the Christian faith now houses a boundless diversity of gifts. Further good news is the Catholic Church itself immediately began its own ongoing reformation.
For further reflection : Jeremiah 31:31-34 and John 8:31-36.
Prayers: Thank you for all the love and support offered our family in the wake Samuel Fletcher Nichols death, my wife Amy’s father. Let us lift up all who mourn or who are in need of healing.
Still in One Peace,
Pastor David J. Jensen

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