Busy Making Other Plans...

There is a John Lennon song- called Beautiful Boy.

The song isn’t one of his most popular, or one that a lot of people know of. When we think about John Lennon, we think of the Beatle hits, Imagine, Hard Days Night all the biggies.

Beautiful Boy was written when his first son was born and he experienced the joys and sorrows of parenthood. The simply joys of holding your child’s hand,helping them with the impatience of growing up too fast, all the days joys and sorrows.

One of my favorite lines in the song is – life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Isn’t that the truth ? We plan all the time. We plan every minute of everyday.

Mid week we start planning for the weekend. Sunday night we are planning out our week. We need the kids to start planning for college, when they are freshmen in high school. When they are a sophomore in college we ask, what are your future plans looking like ? what do you want to do ? LIKE for the rest of your life?

At breakfast, what are you going to make for dinner ?

What is the big rush ?

Why are we so busy making other plans ?

What if the plan for the day was sitting and listening to the birds chirp in the back yard ? What if the plan for the day was taking a walk ? what if the plan for the day was watching for the rainbow after the rain storm ? What if the plan for the day was taking a nap ? reading a book ? watching a movie that you have seen 10 times already but you really like it ? What if we allowed the day to play out the way God intended it to play out for us ? What is we floated through the day instead of rushed through it ? what if we enjoyed God’s creation just a little bit more ? What would the harm be if the laundry piled up for one day ?

God has blessed us with what we need . God has placed us in a beautiful state with so many wonders to see and enjoy. Why don’t we enjoy it just a little bit more ?

God thank you for your blessings each and everyday. Thank you for my family, friends, church and church family. Let me stop planning and rushing and enjoy what you have blessed me with. Let me enjoy more and plan less. I know you have a plan for me. Let me live your plan. Amen

Maureen Herzog

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