Build It Again

What I have to say about this year is that Colorado got hit hard with problems.  The state was literally on fire, which seemed uncontrollable at times.  Houses burning, smoke everywhere, people injured, and fireman working day and night was making everything a mess.  The smoke cleared and people came back crying and screaming to ashes and nothing.  A sense of being shocked and lost filled the air.  A theatre full of people watching the biggest movie premiere of the year was filled with awe and excitement.  A single madman walks through the emergency exit and then death.  People were ducking for cover and there were bullets flying injuring and killing people.  People trying to save other people, get shot and injured.  A pastor in Aurora parks his car at the apartment complex and two madmen assault him and shoot him just for a car.  It doesn’t seem to make sense.  Everybody asking why is this happening and the answers are few and slim.  People ask, where God is?  God doesn’t seem to care.

I watched this really good movie recently name Machine Gun Preacher.  He was no saint and committed probably every sin you can think of.  But with the help of his wife, he gave his life to Christ.  He started a construction company and built a church that is still operating today.  He went to Sudan and built an orphanage. An evil leader and his army destroyed and burnt that orphanage to the ground.  He was lost and called his wife to tell her it was over.  His wife said to him, listen real good and build it again.  Build it again.  And he did.  It still operates today.  People will build the houses in Colorado Springs again and it will be better than ever.  People will never forget that night at the theater, but somehow, pick up the pieces and live on better than ever for the lost ones.  The pastor has recovered and is doing better than ever.

People are resilient and they will pick up the pieces of their lives.  The reason is that God puts this quality in people because God has this quality also.  God does care and never gives up on us.  He always has our backs in troubled times.  God’s love for us never changes and never stops.  God cares most about your heart.  If your heart is in tune with God, you can get through anything.  It is very easy to hate the people that cause harm, like the Aurora shooter.  But we as people of God have to be above that.  We have to pray for the shooter to turn his life around and give it to Christ.  To forgive and forbear is the key.  God loves people no matter what.  It is easy to love the people you like, but loving the people you don’t like is hard.  We know with God’s love that we can.

People ask where God is and God doesn’t seem to care.  God is always there for us from the beginning and forever.  When you are down, don’t stay there.  Trust in God and He will be there, picking up the pieces with you and you will be better than ever.

God’s peace,

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