Brother, Brother, Brother

I was born in Philadelphia which is called the city of Brotherly Love.  I am not sure why it was called that because when I was growing up, I saw a lot of fights in the neighborhood including brother versus brother.  I am thinking it stems from the Old Testament in which Cain killed Abel or Esau fought Jacob.  Of course, you can’t forget how Joseph’s brothers took him and pretty much abandoned him.  Nowadays, it is going to be very interesting in the Super Bowl this weekend when the Harbaugh brothers go at each other coaching their team to win the game.  I would love to be at the Harbaugh dinner table after the Super Bowl. 

I had a lot of fights with my brother growing up through the years but I can always count on his wisdom and his support.  That is what brothers do.  They care and love each other as the years go by.  It is ashamed to see brothers give up their relationship and not see each other for years.  There should always be a turning point that brings them back together.  I don’t think this just applies to blood brothers.  I think it applies to the Church as well. 

We call our friends at church as our brothers in Christ.  I think there is too many times where we don’t share and hide our problems from our brothers in Christ.  We share and are open to our blood brothers about problems and we should do the same with our brothers in Christ.  I think God wanted it to be that way.  We share our problem with our blood brother and afterwards, we feel better.  If we did that with our brothers in church, I think we would feel better too.  It was like the First Church.  They helped each other in need with food, clothing, shelter, and etc.  There should be much more of that going around these days.  That kind of love feeds our hearts and starts a chain reaction in which everybody wants to pitch in and help one another. 

There are so many brothers in need all around us.  If we can help one of them, then if that brother sees another brother in need, he can help and then so on.  Then nothing is impossible for anything in this world.  Just need a helping hand.  If we take care of each other, then God will do amazing things and you will see how wonderful God is.  

When God stops the rain or sends another plague towards the Israelites, God says if His people who are called by His name would only humble themselves, commit themselves to prayer and seek His face, he would gladly heal their land.

In Christ, Stan Yee  

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