Boy, I Am Hungry

I recently went to a Chinese dumpling party and the thing about these parties is that you have to be very patient. First, you have to make the filing which is usually ground pork, cabbage, and spices. Then, you have to wrap each dumpling by hand and with a good size group can go well into the number of 200 to 300 dumplings. Make sure a big pot of water is boiling and then cook the dumplings. By the time the dumplings go into the water, the raw pork filing and skins are looking good enough to eat. When they are ready and you bite into that first one, it is very satisfying and you feel great. You have to be patient, but the wait is worth it. 

In this world, there is no room for patience. We need the results right away and we just can’t wait for them. That’s why God is different from this world. God knows things take time just like the dumplings but when it is ready, it is wonderful. God nurtures us with spiritual gifts. God grows us with our prayers, reading scriptures, and living our lives according to His will. You may not see immediate results but when the results are ready to come out, it is like heaven. I have seen many people just grow and produce fruits. It is just an amazing thing to see. The Christian life is not a microwaveable dinner. It is like a stew that takes time. God wants us to live solid lives so that we may face the enemy and not give in to the tricks.

So take the time out. Follow Christ and make Him the center of your life in everything you do. Be patient with people around you, especially your kids. Make a spiritual impact with the people you know and don’t know. Not only will you help others grow fruit, you will the see the fruit inside of you grow as well. God always wants us to be the people that we are supposed to be. 

In Christ, Stan

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