Both Sides

“Before they call I will answer, and while they are stillspeaking I will hear.”  Isaiah 65 v:24

The holiday is gone but, the miracle of a Baby’s birth longago is with us always.  The mysteryof why and how this came to be is something we seem to spend a lifetime tryingto understand.  The older I get andthe more life experience I have, the more I realize the why and how are notwhat’s important.  God in Hisinfinite wisdom desires a relationship with us all.  He is simply always there, no matter what life andcircumstances throw my way.  Jesuswants to bring healing and love into my life.  His struggles gave him a greater heart for compassion.  If we are to see Christ in all humanityand in all things, we must learn to treat ourselves with great kindness andcompassion.

Before Christmas we lost a friend to cancer.  She shared a letter and a book that sheread during her illness.  I havebeen reading this book through the Christmas season.  Below is a quote.I love quotes that have meaning for my life.  I hope you find meaning as well.

“Claiming ourselves usually means coming to recognize andaccept we have both sides of everything.We are capable of fear and great courage, generosity and selfishness,vulnerability and strength.  Thesethings do not cancel each other out but offer us a full range of power andresponse to life.  Life is ascomplex as we are.  Sometimes ourvulnerability is our strength, our fear develops our courage, and ourwoundedness is the road to our integrity.It is not an either or world.It is a real world.  Incalling ourselves heads or tails, we may never own and spend our humancurrency, the pure gold of which our coin is made.  One of the blessings of growing older is the discovery thatmany of the things I believed to be my shortcomings have turned out in the longrun to be my strengths, and other things of which I was unduly proud haverevealed themselves in the end to be among my shortcomings.  Things I have hidden from others foryears turn out to be the anchor and enrichment of my middle age.  What a blessing it is to outlive yourself-judgments and harvest your failures.”

(from Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen MD)

Father God,

We give you thanks for your continued and everlastingpresence in our lives.  Be with usas we struggle through our shadow sides, allow this to co-exist with that whichbrings healing and love into our lives.Help us to meet our fears and to let go of that which keeps us from you.  Father, would you give us a greaterheart for all people and all of your creation?  Amen  

Lois Autterson    

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