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I spend a lot of time alone at work currently. Due to this I listen to a lot music, well I did. About a week ago I got bored with music and I made a decision to start listening to the Robcast, the podcast Rob Bell does. Over the course of these he has a reoccurring theme that he discusses how the Bible is a library of books that show increasing human consciousness. The argument against the Bible as being archaic is not wrong. However, it is a book of progress from the status quo of the time. In the Old Testament there is actual human qualities given to women, they are allowed to grieve and not just be treated as slaves. Now there is still advancement needed don’t get me wrong but it was a vast improvement over the time. This is not the Bible saying that this is the rule and it’s how it should remain but that there always can be an improvement over the previous conditions in the oppressed communities. This is reflected in the New Testament, the book of Acts has the story of Peter falling into a trance and seeing all meats (kosher and non-kosher), later a Centurion’s troops are sent to find Peter and bring him to him because of a vision he had. This was showing an advancement from the hatred of the unclean (the Romans) just because they touch a clean (Jewish in this case).

As you go through your lives remember that you are a people of a progressive book. Also I cannot recommend the Robcast enough, at the very least it will provide you with thoughts and verses that you may not have discussed and pondered before.

Sam Jacobs

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