"Bloom"ing Our Faith

It seems like at the beginning of each introductory college class I learn about the same special pyramid on which every professor creates their distribution of questions for exams. Bloom’s taxonomy is an ascending pyramid in difficulty to use information that you are given. It is expected by the time you finish college that you are able to do each step of the pyramid.

As I was sitting through this lecture for the ump-teenth time I started thinking about how as Christians what steps do we make it to with our biblical knowledge? Analyze maybe? Imagine how strong our faith would be if we were able to hit the top of the pyramid. Now, by create it doesn’t mean writing our own new sections of the Holy Book, but it means we are able to take our knowledge of the Bible, critically think (massive buzzword in classrooms I’ve been in), and apply various lessons to a situation maybe not previously encountered or it’s a situation that doesn’t have a direct lesson in the Bible because that situation didn’t exist in year 0-30AD. If we as Christians can complete this pyramid imagine how much better we can explain the literature portion of our faith. We are so good already at getting people’s attention with our numerous outreach that describe the intangible, all powerful love of our faith, let’s work on knowing and showing the Bible in a stronger way which will also strengthen our faith in the process.

Sam Jacobs

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