Last week Vikki and the other mission trip people shared their stories on The Good Life. This was the theme of their trip.

Vikki asked the congregation what they thought of when they heard the term “The Good Life.”

I think it is natural to think about “stuff” when you think of the good life. Up until now I would have listed things, not emotions, not security, not peace . Over the past few months a number of events have impacted our church family, impacted our Good Life.

-The death of Mike and Jill.

-Debbie’s continuing fight with cancer.

-Jobs that have been eliminated.

-Struggles with mental and emotional issues.

-Faith crisis.

-Health issues.

-Financial woes.

All of these things have impacted the Good Life. Who would not give any amount of money to help cure any of the items listed?

A new car can’t cure any of these things.

A bunch of money thrown at this list can’t cure any of these things.

What can? Nothing really, but we can stay close to our loved ones, for every day could be our last.

We can hold each other close. (A hug can cure a lot of hurt.)

We can be kind to one another. (Please and thank you, random simple acts.)

We can put down our electronics and talk to one another. (Let’s talk. )

We can stay at home one night a week and have a meal together. ( cook together, eat together, clean up together ) 

We can experience the Good Life by being with each other. (Let’s go for a walk, let’s play cards, let’s watch a movie together ) 

The Good Life- giving thanks for our blessings- the tangible and intangible. Giving thanks for Jesus.

Maureen Herzog

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