Beautiful Redirection

It was Monday morning and I was three minutes away from being able to punch out of work after a good, but long night. I began putting my things away, happy that I only had one night left before having a couple of days off. I was ready to go home and then it happened, like clockwork, a call light rang.  The person who answered the call looked around for the nurse assigned to the patient. Due to the time of day, most of the staff was still doing report and rounding, but I was almost done ... I was going to get out on time ... and then it happened. I was asked to go assist the patient who called.  My first response was I'm about to leave. I looked around with the unit secretary and realized I was the only one available at the moment so I said I would go down there anyway.

When I arrived in my patients room, she was waking up, I asked her how she was doing. Her response of "... just look at that sunrise ..." to which I looked out the window to see a beautiful golden glow. She then described to me the previous colors of pink and how she had no idea what time it was but she had awoke just as the sun began to come up.  I assisted my patient with what she needed, all the while visiting and together watching the rest of the sun come up.

Now, anyone who know me knows that unless I am at work, I am not a morning person and my day will start anywhere around 11 am or noon. This means that unless I am at work (and actually take time to look out the window) I don't see too many sunrises.  However, that morning, when I first saw the sunrise, whatever feelings I had had at the moment just disappeared and I was quickly in awe at the beauty before me. I was at peace and grateful that I had been the one available to assist and for the gift I had been given.

I returned up front to see if there was anything else I could help with before leaving. Our night crew had handed off to the day shift and we were able to go. I thanked the person who asked me to go down to help and told him about the sun rise.  I then went to punch out, and surprisingly, I was still leaving on time.

As I walked home that morning, I thought about how sometimes we think that when we are preparing for something it really isn't what we are preparing for after all. See, I was preparing to go home and God had another plan for me, a beautiful surprise.   Kind of like the Birth of Christ. Mary and Joseph may have just thought they were going to Bethlehem to register. Sure they knew they would have a baby but who prepares to have a baby in a stable? What a beautiful surprise.

The next few weeks most of us will be filled with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holiday Season. From gift buying and Christmas decorations to holiday meals with friends and family. We all have a list (or two) of things to prepare for. Sometimes things may not go as planned and it is during that time, may we be reminded that God is preparing us for something more beautiful. It is during that time, I encourage you to take a deep breath and be awestruck by another beautiful gift from God.

Dear God, Thank you for beautiful sunrises and the people we share them with. Please help us to remember that redirection is a beautiful thing and help us to embrace the beauty you put before us. In your name we pray, Amen.

April Schauer


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