Join us in praying the Fruits of the Spirit for students, educational professionals and parents. Download a copy here

God our heavenly teacher, we pray the gifts of your Spirit will fill the hearts of your children: Students, Educational Professionals, Parents

Love: may they love others the way Christ loves them – extravagantly and freely.

Joy: may joy overflow to carry them through the hard times and spill into the lives of others.

Peace: give them the peace that passes all understanding even in the midst of storms.

Patience: may they persevere and have hope that through you all things work for good.

Kindness: help them to be kind in action and in word all day long.

Generosity: open their hands and hearts to share grace and all they have abundantly.

Faithfulness: may they keep you, Lord, in their center to hold steady and trust in you.

Gentleness: keep them humble, slow to anger, quick to listen and compassionate in relationships.

Self-control: may temptation be held at bay, so their attention is focused on becoming all God dreams for them.