Autumn, A Season for Transformation

How do you feel about the season of autumn? What springs up in you when realize fall has arrived?  

Macrina Wiederkehr, in the book she co-authored with Joyce Rupp,                  The Circle of Life writes an essay about autumn as a season for transformation.  Here is a portion of that piece.  

Autumn, my favorite season, is a mystical time with a beautiful language all its own, a language my soul understands, no translation needed.  A kind of eternal longing wells up in me that seems stronger in autumn than it does in other seasons. Perhaps it is my own forgotten memories of a source of life behind the life I now know, my own unrealized yearnings to return home. 

The season of autumn portrays the beautiful art of surrender.  This festival of dying often stirs up emotions of grief in me.  I recall that this favorite season of mine as a child was also edged in sadness. ... The animals surrender their lives, the fields, vines, and tress hand over their grains, nuts, and fruits.  The hardwood trees let go of their leaves.  Flowers die and grasses wither. 

Autumn leads the seasons in modeling the sacred practice of recycling. What seems to die bespeaks a quiet truth; that which falls into the earth is never lost.  The earth receives it and preserves it.  Thus it becomes a nurturing source for new beginnings as another cycle of growth arises. This miracle of transformation is autumn's prayer. 

She concludes the essay with: 

When the cool weather leads us to light our furnace's pilot light, we can take a little time to attend the pilot light of our heart.  Autumn is a good season to recall some of the fallen leaves of past memories. Bring out old picture albums.  Gain new life and energy by remembering people who were once sheltering trees, places where we went for shade and refreshment.  Their leaves may have fallen, but we can still live in the shade of their memories. 

May you embrace this season of transformation. 

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