Are You Here God?

Sometimes we God really here? In our world and in our lives. A good place to turn are the Psalms. This translation of Psalm 139 is a great reminder. 


you know me better

than I know myself.

Wherever I go

you are right there.

If I walk one way,

you walk with me;

and wherever I have been,

you know it well.

While I am trying to figure out

what I am going to say,

you already know what it is.

You place your hand on me,

and I feel loved.

It is too much to take in!

Is there no way to hide from you?

Is there any place where I can escape?

I go high—you are there.

I go down low—you are there.

If I could fly, you would be nearby;

If I were to swim miles and miles,

you would take hold of me

and set me in the right direction.

You have made every part of me;

you were there creating me

in my mother’s womb

before I was born.

All this is much more than I can fathom!

You watched every step of how I was formed;

you saw my body grow,

all according to your plan.

You knew the direction of my life,

even before my life began.

Your mind is so deep—

beyond my understanding!

Find me,

study me,

and look deeply into my thoughts.

Lead me, God.

Lead me.

“Prayers Before an Awesome God” by David Haas

We'll be looking for you tomorrow at 10:00 as we gather for worship in room 300 at RCHS. It won't be the same without you. 

Grace be with you, 


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