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We just spent a few days at a cabin in the mountains. It’s nice to have some Sabbath time to relax, but the weather did not cooperate. Or so I thought. The socked-in rain made it ok to say I’m going to relax, read and spend some time in thought. Normally it is hard to give myself permission to do that. It’s just not something I’m used to. August is usually hot and dry in the mountains, so I got to see something I may not see for a while – a lush, green, cool August.

Not everything went right. Couldn’t get in the cabin like they said would happen. A little credit card wizardry on the lock allowed us in until we could straighten things out the next day. They were so apologetic I felt guilty. Also, at some point, immersed in clouds and rain, thoughts also darken. I am to the point now where these dark areas of my life are making me “pull myself up by my boot straps.” (I was told that came from the Civil War, when a Calvary man was shot off his horse, too weak to get up he would grab his boot straps and pull himself up to a sitting position.) The things that distract me I will not allow to be a negative for a minute more than I need, to get the strength to go after them in the appropriate positive way. In Terry Hershey’s Sabbath Moment this week he posted a quote I like – “There are really only two ways to approach life -- as a victim or as a gallant fighter -- and you must decide if you want to act or react, deal your own cards or play with a stacked deck. And if you don't decide which way to play with life, it will always play with you.” Merle Shain.

Jesus knew how to play with the cards he was dealt, and that deck was stacked against him. So I pray that I can play with life and not let it play with me, well not too much. May we all experience cleansing and Sabbath so we can act as gallant fighters, moving forward to experience and enjoy the life God has offered us.

Terry Luce

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