“Boy, I tell you, I get no respect” is a famous line said by Rodney Dangerfield.  There is a lot of truth in that line. We do a lot of things for people and we get very little recognition for it.

As a friend, in Pittsburgh, I used to drive all these college guys to church on Sunday when I was working full time.  I just got the usual thanks.  I remember I drove to the airport 4 different times in one day to pick up college guys but they didn’t realize what I had done that day.  I think they assumed I was going to be there to do them a favor.  I got little respect but I did it any way to help people out.

As a spouse, I take care of many things in the house like taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, take care of the yard, take care of the cars, make the bed, and the list goes on and on.  I might get a thanks and I might not.  Don’t get me wrong.  My wife takes care of many things too but I think sometimes we take people for granted.  But hey, it’s my wife and I will do anything for her.

As a deacon of a church, I went all out fixing things in the building because I was in charge of the building.  I must have a changed a hundred light bulbs.  I replaced door locks, changed furnace filters, and the list goes on.  I think people at church really didn’t know all the things the deacons do.  They assumed that anything is going to be taken care of by the deacons.  Don’t think that is right.  Pastors do so much for the church but people complain about them.  I think that is wrong.  But pastors and clergy do what they do without complaining because the church needs help.

With all these things said, there is one person that is always there with a smile, much appreciation expressed, and is always grateful for you.  That is our true and mighty God.  My mom said I don’t go to church for people, I go to church for God.  All the things that you do will be shown in bright light at the end.  God respects you for all the little things you do.  How can a great and awesome God love such a little person like me?  Well, he does.  He sent His Son to die on the cross just for us.

God has a plan.  Continue to do great things for Him.  I was discouraged sometimes that my efforts as deacon amounted to nothing.  But it is not true.  I see the church back then as dying but now it is growing.  Don’t count God out.  Because when the chips are down, God comes in like a flood because God appreciates all the little things that you have done for Him.  Like Job, hang in there, boy, because the best is yet to come.

God’s peace,
Stan Yee

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