You meet all different kinds of people in this world and they all have a certain appearance that might be or not be appealing to you. There is a businessman walking down the street. He is well kept. He wears fancy clothes and fancy watches. He walks with confidence and style. He looks sharp. You would envy what he has. But his personal life is different. His marriage is on the rocks. He is having several affairs with many different women. He ignores his kids and his solution to their problems is just to throw money at it.

There is a middle age women who looks very nice. She acts humble. She takes care of elderly people in a home and tries to fulfill every need they have. She is very nice to talk to and puts on a pleasant appearance. She has very good manners. But what you don’t know is that she cons the old people out of their retirement money because of all her spending and gambling habits you don’t know about.

You see Mormons all around us knocking on our door to sell us an idea. They have a good appearance and they possess very good manners. The words that they speak have great influence on the people listening. It appears to be wonderful. But is it too good to be true? The doctrine they tried to promote has a false foundation and reading between the lines you find that they are not conveying the truth.

People who follow Christ show great faith in the missions and work they do in the community. The music and fellowship can lift your spirit so high you can climb the highest mountain. It is beautiful. But can we question that appearance? People in high positions of the church can misappropriate funds for their own personal use. The divorce rate among Christians is not any better than the divorce rate of non-Christians. Are we putting our faith where our mouth is?

I think God wants us to have a transparent appearance. What you see on our inside is what you see on our outside. There should be nothing to hide. At the end, everything will be shown in the light. It is hard to do but I think it would be wonderful if we can show everything that we have. If we open our hearts and let our heart light shine, God will shine a light so bright that the sun will not even compete. People will not see an appearance of us but will be astonished by light in our hearts.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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