Apology Accepted

There are many phrases that we use over and over again. Sometimes I feel they have lost their meaning, like I don’t care, whatever, and curse words. People use these so often when they speak that it doesn’t add anything to the sentence. Another one is I’m sorry. When people use this phrase, do people know why and what they are sorry about. When couples fight and say sorry at the end, does it really end the fight. When a child does something wrong and says sorry to the parent, does the child really know what sorry means. I’ve heard that some people never apologize in their life. Now that is kind of crazy. They did something wrong but can’t apologize because they are very prideful. I hope there are not too many people like that around.

These are some of the things we neglect to think about when we apologize:
1) Express regret
2) Accept responsibility
3) Make amends
4) Express desire to change behavior
5) Request forgiveness

I feel the last one is probably the most important one. If you truly apologize with heart felt words, then the person may forgive you, but it is important to ask for that forgiveness. We as Christians did that in our life. We realize we had sin in our life and there was no one else except Christ who washed away the Sin in our lives. We still sin, but if we are truly sorry and ask for forgiveness, our Father God is so gracious enough to forgive us.

So when we do wrong against friends, spouses, parents, and others, think about the five things above in your apology and apply it to a heartfelt apology. The person may or may not accept your apology but most of the time, I say the person will. I think the key thing is to make it a meaningful apology not like some people who say sorry and leave or the other people who don’t apologize at all. If you make the apology meaningful, heartfelt and sincere, then you will hear those wonderful words as we apologized and asked for forgiveness from our Father God and those words are “Apology Accepted.”

In Christ,
Stan Yee

P.S. Read chapter 5 and 6 from a great book written by Gary Chapman called “Things I Wish I’d known before We Got Married.

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