Well, it is the new year. People are thinking what can I buy that is new this year. Or what kind of new groups can I join this year. Or what new resolutions can I make this year. Personally, I think resolutions is a waste of time because nobody ever accomplishes them. I think God doesn’t think that you need anything new because He has provided everything you need, not want, in this lifetime. You just have to make the right choices to be righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

Bullying in school has been a huge problem lately. It is frightening trying to take the bullies on by yourself. But you know something. There are many more good kids than bullies themselves. Parents will back you up. Churches will back you up. Of course, God will back you up. Movement has already started to wipe out bullying. God has given you a sense of what is right. God has given some the gift of speech, gift of love, gift of compassion, and more. If you team up with one another just like the body of Christ, there is nothing you can’t do. Every kid is important in this movement. Don’t count out the power of numbers. Don’t count out God and don’t count out your parents.

Work can be boring and monotonous but we have to make a living. Sometimes we think to ourselves why am I here doing this stuff. It is killing me but God said something about the renewing of the mind and spirit. If we keep on doing good work, it is like running the good race and rewarded at the end. We can get that promotion and raise. Then it will be motivating to us to do other great things for our children, friends, and the community around us. It is admirable to see people help the homeless and needy. It is the pinnacle of renewing the mind and spirit. Helping our children and friends seems natural but helping the homeless and needy is definitely out of our comfort zone. God did say feed the poor and clothe the needy. He has provided you a sense of what needs to be done. It is nothing new but it is something wonderful.

God is the unchanging God and his righteousness stands tall for the test of time. Don’t ask God for new things but ask Him for righteous things. Everything we need is already inside of us. We just have to make it grow and mature and then unleash it. We just have to act upon it. This world is full of bullies and things that brings us down but you know, when we unleash the power inside us and join forces with other good and righteous people, there is nothing in this world that can stop us. God calls us to be good and faithful servants. So everybody kick off the new year with a bang.

In Christ,


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