Dear Sinners,

All too often I struggle with feelings of betrayal. The recollection of how others have wounded me frequents my mind much more than I want it to. My hunch is this is part of the human condition for us all. To assist in my attempt to resolve this issue, Jesus has pointed me toward the spiritual giants who have reached levels of spiritual transformation beyond my current status. For me, one such mentor from afar is Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Some words of Desmond Tutu from “An African Prayer Book" :
“A person had a particular besetting sin , and they used to confess it and God would forgive them. But no sooner had they been absolved then they would trip up and sin again. One day this happened , and the person rushed back to God and said , “I’m sorry, I’ve done it again.” And God asked, “What have you done again?” For God suffers from amnesia when it comes to our sins. God does not look at the caterpillar we are now, but at the dazzling butterfly we have in us to become. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus bids us ask God to forgive us as we forgive those who have wronged us. Not to forgive others is to shut the door to our own being forgiven.”


The promise of Jesus' grace offers all of us full access to the “amnesia of God.” For we all crave the miraculous forgiving nature of our Lord.

Matthew 18:21-35 is excellent text for further discussion with Jesus on this matter.

Still in one peace,
Pastor David J. Jensen

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