A Word from Pastor Dave: Sacred Space

Dear Saints and Sinners,

"Sacred Space".... How do you define it? Where is it? What does it do for you? 

I remember a professor when I was in seminary beginning this dialogue with a roomful of would-be pastors:

"Do you believe in sacred space?"

"Of course we do!"

"But is Jesus not everywhere? Do the scriptures not say that 'Jesus is present wherever two or three gather in his name' (Matthew 18:19, 20)?"

 "Well, yes, it does say that."

"Is all space then made sacred, so all places are equally present with God? So no space is any more sacred than anywhere else, right?"

Do you believe in Sacred Space?

I believe it exists, but I also carry the conversation forward to this day with that Professor.

If you are like myself and many others I know, there are places you can go where God seems to appear in ways you do not otherwise see God.  In sacred space, God comes to work upon us and tell us,  "In this place and space you are mine with no interruption or diversions."

Our brother in Christ, Steve House, recently returned from a trip to Israel, a place considered by billions for centuries to be sacred space. He and I have talked about the feeling he had being in the places where biblical events are said to have transpired. Steve has commented to me that he felt the presence of God in that land in a way he had not before. However, he is aware that God transcends place and time.

In Jeremiah 31 :31-34, God is frustrated with the people that they cannot keep the ten commandments given to them on the"tablets of stone," so God places the new covenant "within their hearts." (Click here to read that passage for yourself).

I have been blessed to live in the quandary of my seminary Professor's questions now for 26 years. I have no easy answer. What I have come to understand is that specific places and spaces where we can go to dwell with our God are a blessing. The paradox, I suppose, is that sacred space is only a blessing if it expands our understanding of the places, spaces, and situations our God is present with us in, to the point where we see God in all things with no interruptions or diversions.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday . It will be my pleasure to proclaim the gospel in tandem with our brother in Christ, Steve House. See you on Sunday.

Still in one peace,

David J Jensen

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