A Slice of Humble Pie

Humility and pride are things that I'm usually frustrated with ... ok a lot of the time. I've touched on humility before, but I keep learning about it (and struggling with it) every day. I wish I could say that my pride issues are in check and I'm a Humble Holly, but alas I am not. I don't like it when my pride gets hurt. I'm tempted to take credit for accomplishments that are not my own. I want to stand up and yell things like "The disorganization on that project was not my fault! I did my part! I tried!" All in the name of saving my pride. In arguments where I keep apologizing over and over for my own faults I wish more than anything for the other party to apologize for their own as well. And when they don't apologize for their faults when I have admitted to mine? Well I'm really not ok with it. But we are called to humility. Sometimes that "h" word makes me grit my teeth, but God wants us to have a lot of it.

I am amazed at how many times humility and pride are mentioned in the Word. These things are so important to God. I have decided that I need to revisit Proverbs 11:12 much more often: "When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom." So truthful it almost stings.

We live in a time of information overload, and people that are in a constant state of high stress. It's dog eat dog world out there folks. We feel like we have to defend oursevles, and like we should know everything. I don't think we learn much when we believe that we know everything though, or when we are constantly making it a point to prove ourselves. We learn about life and the grace of God when we eat a slice of humble pie. We learn when we admit that we do not know everything, that actually (no matter how old you are, where you're from, or where you've been) there is an endless list somewhere of things that we do not know. We learn when we get to a place where we don't expect other people to recognize us, or to apologize for their "stuff" when we've owned our own. And when we can come to God with open hearts, and lay down our pride... he can use us in whole new ways as a vessel for Him. And we don't have to prove ourselves, we don't have to know everything. As one of the precious kiddos in Children's Church reminded me yesterday, "God even knows all the hairs on our head." God knows. We're just called to check our pride at the door and walk humbly.

Father help us for our want to be right, and our want to protect ourselves... our desire to know it all, and our want to be at the top of the food chain. Help us to eject pride and insert humility. Help us to learn that humble pie doesn't taste so bad, and we need a lot of it so that we can serve You, almighty Father. Amen.

Grace & Peace,
Amanda Jensen

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