A New Year's Diet Plan

You can tell it is January by the number of diet ads & gym promotions that are on the TV, radio & internet. I taught an aquatics exercise class for 8 ½ years at the Broomfield Rec Center. Every January we used to laugh at the swell of numbers added to our class rosters. New Year’s Resolutions inspired many a person to get in shape.

Diet & Exercise focus on the outside, which is probably why our class numbers started to decline by April. While I applaud the desire to become more physically fit; we will have greater success if we approach it by addressing our whole being…Body, Mind and Spirit!

K-love radio has offered up a challenge that will take care of not only our minds but our spirits as well. It is the 30 day challenge. I signed up to listen to only Christian music for the next 30 days. Just like a steady diet of junk food makes us feel a bit sluggish, a steady diet of bad talk radio can make us believe that there is no hope for the world.

I have been there! My wise daughter once pointed out that it was no wonder I was sad all the time; all I was reading at the time were books on grief. I was studying & collecting information for a grief recovery program I was running for kids and their parents at our church. An occasional book to glean knowledge is good, kind of like one cookie is a delicious treat now and then. But a steady diet of desserts and you’re looking in the closet for your fat pants!

So let’s change our diet together. Will you join me? I think it just may change our focus and our attitudes, not to mention it may go a long way toward supporting us in our other resolutions for the year! Follow this Link: http://www.klove.com/ministry/30-day.aspx

Abba, thanks for K-love’s challenge and gentle reminder to think about what we are putting in our Body, Mind & Spirit so that what comes out glorifies you! Amen

Julie Weldon

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1. Cristian wrote:
Good morning Craig & all. I was just sipkaeng to my brother a few days ago on how we have 40 & 50 year old babies in the church who resist the revelation of Jesus but are defined in Gal.4: 1-3, "Now I say that an heir, as long as he is a 'child,' differs nothing from a servant though he be lord of all. But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the Father. Even so we, when we were 'children' were in bondage under the elements of the world." Imagine this, I was born again for over 22 years, like a child crawling on his hands and knees with 'diaper rash' from the law, thinking I was an adult, walking like Jesus. You know what was in my diaper? The dung of my obedience to the law, Phil.3: 8-9 for righteousness because in my high chair I was spoon fed law, law, law and I remained a child!I had my little toddler shirt on like the emblem of Superman but instead of an "S" on it, I had "SF," meaning Superflesh! As I crawled on the floor, I would play with my building blocks of the law, which are the 'elements (rituals, ceremonies, feast days, dietary laws, all of which were extentions of the law)' of the world in Gal.4:3 believing that the more I 'did' the more I would learn how to 'walk like Jesus.' But, praise God for His Mercy, Jesus Christ & the Grace in Him, I began hearing of the Grace of God in Christ, the gospel and like Paul in 1Cor.13:11, "When I was a child, I spoke, understood and thought like a child (law law law, do this, dont do that, I must do this, I must'nt do that) but when I became a man, Gal.4:3, the time appointed of the Father (being the freedom from the law & freedom from being under it by being under grace)I put away childish things, (the law & faith by or in it & my obedience.) This is exactly what Paul is saying in Gal. 4, everyone under the law is childish, crawling under condemnation & guilt instead of 'walking like Jesus,' full of grace & truth by what He did by His obedience under the law. Being free from the law, dead to the law, delivered from the law, enables us to walk like sons & daughters who can take possession of our inheritance in Christ which is impossible as a child under the law!

Thu, April 12, 2012 @ 5:40 AM

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