A New Way

Dear Thinkers,

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are yourways my ways says the Lord. “( Isaiah 55:8.)

Routines are a blessing which also have the capacity to be a curse. God has given me a gift when I wake up each day-to see family, friends, and trusted colleagues. It is reassuring to know that most of the things I will do during the day will be tasks I have done before. The known in my life gives me insulators from the world and reminds me I am identified as God's precious child. I am blessed.

The curse comes when I stay strictly with what I know, for it is then that I don’t grow. Jesus created us for adventure. This past week I have been with three of your brothers in Christ, Trace Tyler, Shawn Batterberry, and our ministry partner Brad Corrigan, on a ministry trip to Nicaragua. Our entire team from the states has numbered 15 people. We have served with, and been blessed by the people of two trash dump communities near Managua called, La Chureca and Tipitapa. Our new brothers and sisters whom we have spent time with this week, have caused us to deviate from our normal routine. We have kicked soccer balls with children, laid sod, sang songs, laughed, cried and surfed (in my case waded) in the ocean.

God has pressed into me this week with new people, and an unexpected agenda to give my soul the sacred space to reflect anew on how “….God's thoughts are not my thoughts , nor are God's ways my ways.” The clearest way for me to reflect upon the ways of God is to step out of the routine and depart from my comfort zone. When I am in fresh territory I often give thanks for where I come from, and grow into the new ways of my Lord. I also come home with a new appreciation for the trash dumps which surround me in Parker, Colorado. Next door and down the street are people who are hurting and in need of Jesus' love. The possibilities to be stretched- to grow, serve and be blessed surround us locally and globally. The prayer Jesus asks us to offer is,”Lord show me the way that is your way!”

On Sunday Trace, Shawn and I will share stories of how we were blessed by the Nicaraguan people to come home and seek the blessings Jesus offers us here. Each day these blessings are in our homes, businesses, schools, and communities, if we are but willing to stray a bit from our usual way, to follow in the way of the Lord!

Texts we reflected upon in Nicaragua include, Isaiah 55, 57, 58, and 61.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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