A Moment in Time

Do you wear a watch? I rarely wear one anymore. It seems that the ever-present mini computer in my pocket has become my watch. I can always see what time it is, but I can also be “available” any time.

Time, I’ve heard from multiple sources lately is the new currency. 

Time, rather than money, is what is precious to people they say.

There are two Greek words for time:

  • Chronos – chronological time, the kind of time you find on a clock
  • Kairos – an event, an opportunity or a moment in time when perhaps everything changes because it’s the right time

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about Kairos moments: an event or opportunity where God breaks into your circumstances for the purpose of transformation in your life. How is God trying to get our attention individually and as a community? Are we willing to pay attention, reflect and discuss the kairos moments? Will we turn or change and move to plan, share and then act? That’s what the learning circle is about. We’ll be looking for you tomorrow at 9 or 10:30 to join us in the conversation.

May these thoughts on love and kairos from Henri Nouwen bless you.

"The people who love me are always the ones who hurt me because they also have needs. God's love is a love that isn't wounding because it's eternal. God loves me from all eternity to all eternity. Life, this little bit of life — thirty, forty, fifry, sixty, seventy, eighty years, is not very long. It's just one little chance for us to say 'Yes' to them, 'We love you too'. That's what life is about, and that chance to say 'Yes' is what time is about.Kairos, notchronos;kairos, the other Greek word for time, means opportunity to change your heart. There are as many opportunities to change your heart as there are events that you're part of. Everything is an opportunity to change your heart — a friend to visit, the mother who comes to visit, the museum, whatever, that's life. Looked upon from below, it'schronos; I have to survive, and I have to fight my way through it. Looked at from above, it iskairos; it's the opportunity to change your heart in everything you do." ~ Henri Nouwen, Beloved: Henri Nouwen in Conversation

grace and peace, 


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