A Mighty Chorus

Dear Choir Members,

Back in the 1990’s when Amy and I lived in Nebraska, she was the part-time music teacher for several country schools.  The Christmas season was always very busy as she led a music program in each school.

One year as I settled into my chair near the back to watch the children’s program, an elderly gentlemen next to me began telling me that his grandson was in the choir. “He is very good,” the man said,  “ I am sure you will enjoy this singing.”

The curtain rose, revealing a choir of 86 students. They began to sing, and it wasn’t long before the old man was nudging me and pointing out his grandson. “He sings beautifully doesn’t he?” , he asked. Although I strained to hear the boy, it was impossible to single him out. Yet I’m certain that his grandfather could.

Our Heavenly Father is the same with us. Though we are all part of a mighty chorus of God’s human family, God hears each one of us.

Sunday is Pentecost, the time when the Holy Spirit came to bring all people together, speaking one language. We are one human community, singing on the same choir, yet our Heavenly Parent hears each voice.

See Acts 2 for further reflection.

Prayers: The victims of tornadoes in Oklahoma, victims of sex trafficking, the power of the Holy Spirit among us.

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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