A Little Latin

I wish I had taken Latin in high school instead of Spanish since it has been used so widely for centuries in law, medicine, science and Christian religion.  It is also very common in a lot of our everyday English language.

However, I’m actually quite surprised by the number of Latin words I already know such as memo, via, versus, per se, veritas (which was the motto of my alma mater), impromptu, et cetera.  And if you've ever had a brush with our criminal justice system you might be familiar with habeas corpus and alibi.  I also know quite a few Latin phrases such as bona fide, quid pro quo, summa cum laude, status quo and veni, vidi, vici (Julius Caesar's famous quote of I came, I saw, I conquered). 

Another common Latin phrase we are all familiar with is carpe diem which means “seize the day”.  But why aim so low and merely seize the day?  With Jesus we don’t have to settle for carpe diem - we can carpe aeternitatem or seize eternity!  

Brad Gauen

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