A Light Touch

Where is the proof of God? This short sentence is one of the most debated topics in the modern world. Currently with wars in the Middle East, Economic turmoil, and natural disasters every where it can be hard to see all those things and find that proof we are looking for. However alongside the death and woe in the world, lies hope and kindness: new discoveries that lead to new cures for disease, volunteers fighting wildfires at risk to their own well being, even every day people from the bubble of Highlands Ranch leaving there comfort zones to help people in places as far away as Nicaragua and as close as Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives.

I have always heard God through everything in his creation: music, literature, preachers, you name it, but recently I came across a strange place for some theological knowledge, a show on Comedy Central, Futurama.


In this clip, Bender, one of the main characters, finds God in the shape of a galaxy. After discussing Bender’s most recent adventure of being the god of people who lived on him, he asks God how he does his job right. God answers “If things are done right, People won’t be sure if you’ve done anything at all." Proof of God is not going to come right out and bite you. That’s not how it works, so next time as you at work or are out in the world, notice the small things that make our lives better. The old friend who randomly contacts you at a time of need, the stranger who helps you out on a bad day, those are the little things that prove God cares. Not huge fantastic once in a millennia miracles. Just the ones that require a light touch to show He cares, but yet we are not sure he did anything at all.

Sam Jacobs

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