A Life of Adventure

Yesterday Pastor Dave said something that really hit home for me, as a mother of 3 kids who I hope will live their lives as followers of Jesus. He said that one reason 20-somethings may be leaving the church when they leave home is that their parents haven't lived in such a way as to teach their children, by example, that the faith-filled life is a life of adventure.

That reminded me of a talk I heard by Mike Foster at a MinistryCOM conference last year. Mike talked about how Shamu isn't really a killer whale.

This is more of a theology issue than a biology issue...but first a little background....



Once upon a time, Mike Foster started what he calls the #1 Christian porn site, XXXchurch.com (don't be afraid to click.....it's not actually porn.....it's meant to help people whose lives are being wrecked by porn).  So Mike knows a few things about pushing the envelope and living a life of adventure as a follower of Christ. And Mike believes God wants Christ followers to be killer whales -- not two-legged Shamus. Here are some of the things Mike said:

  • Killer whales live in the ocean and hunt their own food. Shamu lives in a tank and follows the rules to get a reward.
  • God wants us to live in the real world - the ocean....not our little Christian bubble -- the tank at Sea World. That's what Jesus did. He hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors, not the religiously approved.
  • Living "out there" puts us in a position to be who God created us to be. When we're outside the safe confines of the tank, we live in a way that fulfills God's purposes for our lives.
  • Killer whales have no natural predators. What do they have to be afraid of? Where will you put your trust? In fear? Or in God?
  • Shamu has it easy. Killer Whales live on the edge of survival every day. God doesn't promise life as a follower of Christ will be easy or that we'll never fail. But we're called to live in the ocean, not to be tamed and confined to a cage.

So what about you and me?  What will our lives teach our kids about living as a follower of Christ?

  • Look at your schedule this week. How much time will you be spending in the tank vs. in the ocean? What can you do to spend more time with people who don't already know Jesus, living in the culture and embracing the people you find there?
  • When it comes to finding and fulfilling God's purpose for your life, are you swimming happily inside the tank, heading toward the ocean, or plumbing the depths of the sea?
  • What (or who) do you trust more? Your fear? Or God's promises? Do your choices clearly reflect where your trust lies?
  • Are you willing to risk failure so you can swim in the ocean? Or are you content to live the easy life in the tank of the tamed two-legged Shamu?

Kim Turnage

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