Pastor Dave is turning 60 on July 4, 2019!

We did it! 61 gifts of $60 were received to honor Pastor Dave for a total of $3660! Thank You!

Let’s celebrate and honor him with 60 gifts of $60 to the Ready to Bless Fund 

Here are examples of what your $60 will do:

  • Provide tutoring to improve literacy and math skills in Whiz Kids at Confluence Ministries.
  • Provide salad for a Confluence Incarnational Leadership Initiative Luncheon.
  • Provide 3 days financial support to our missionary Bismark in Nicaragua and Costa Rica through Love, Light and Melody.
  • Provide project tools and supplies for an Extreme Community Makeover Workday to build relationships with and among neighbors to grow pride in their homes and community.
  • Keep the Booneville, MS Boys & Girls Club open for 4 days to give youth the skills they need to be successful and away from risky behaviors.
  • Send 7 kids from the Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives to the Denver Zoo for an outing to reward their good behavior and build relationships to keep young people out of gangs.
  • The total of sixty $60 gifts will pay two months of GGCC RTB regular commitments.

Give your $60 via a check (noted $60 for 60) in the offering plate or in the mail. Or click here to give online "Other" and note $60 for 60. Contact Vikki with any questions.