15% Difference

Dear Christmas People,

In the wake of Newtown and now Webster New York, we mourn. We ponder the mindset of those who would take aim at other human beings. One psychological expert I heard recently said, "For some reason the heart and mind of the terrorist, their identity as a human being is traded for that of an animal, a destroyer, a wolf."  Thus we have one "expert" opinion of a homicidal person. Perhaps this is unfair to wolves, yet it is a reminder that the space between us and the animals is not all that great.

I am told that if one compares the genetic makeup of a mouse and human, a mouse and a human are only 15% different. Like mice, we spend a good portion of our day eating and drinking , grooming ourselves, pursuing others, and foraging for food. Sometimes that 15% separating us from the mice gets pretty thin.

Christians believe that one reason why our species is elevated is that God the Creator, the Lord of Universe, the one who set the planets and the stars in their courses, came to us and became a human being . In coming down to our level, Christ lifted up.

See Luke 2 for further reflection.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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